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American Idol Coming To Small Town Kansas

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The producers of American Idol announced they are now going to look for big talent in small towns! And, one of those small towns is here in Kansas.

First, let me say that I thought that was suppose to be the premise for the show all along.  But quickly, the show has become a platform for professional singers on the bubble.  I would prefer to see raw talent from the bedrooms and showers of small town USA. So, this development is welcomed.

I don't even care who the judges are, frankly. 

The "American Idol Small Town Audition Bus Tour" will travel to 10 cities in August to find Idol hopefuls. One of the stops includes Dodge City, Kan. Other small towns will be Joplin, MO; Grand Junction, Colo., Rock Rapids, Ia. and Iowa City, Ia to name just a few.

Oh, and the show is now going to accept audition videos.  So, if you can't make it to one of the audition cities, you still have a chance to catch producers' attention.

The “Nominate An Idol” program is a new audition opportunity that lets family and friends nominate individuals who they think could be the next. You can fill out an online form and submitting an existing video or URL of their “nominee” singing solo and a cappella.

Click here for more information on American Idol tryouts.


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