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What Movie Is Most LIkely To Make Men Cry

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Kleenex did a survey of women and ALL of them said they'd seen their husband or boyfriend tear up at a movie. 

Putting this in perspective, only 40% said he cried at the birth of his children . . . and 10% cried over a sports team losing. 

The survey found that the movie most likely to make a guy break down is "Marley and Me".  Also on the list were  "Titanic" and "The Notebook." Hmm....maybe these guys had something in their eye watching these two movies.

My guy, Brian has cried during a movie. I saw him cry during the final scene of "Saving Private Ryan" and, he probably won't want me saying this but, he also teared up during the movie "The Help."   

Anyway, here are the ten movies most likely to get a guy choked up: (BTW, check out #10.  What's up with that one???)
#1.)  "Marley and Me" 
#2.)  "Red Dog":  That was an Australian movie released last year . . . about ANOTHER dog that dies.  So apparently that does the trick. 
#3.)  "Life is Beautiful"
#4.)  "The Shawshank Redemption" 
#5.)  "The Notebook"
#6.)  “Forrest Gump"
#7.)  "Love Actually"
#8.)  "Titanic"
#9.)  "My Sister's Keeper"

#10.)  "Toy Story 3"

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