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Country Music Has It's Own Headphones.

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There are now headphones designed specifically to make country music sound better.

According to  the California Headphone Co. is shipping out its first batch of headphones that are designed specifically for country-listeners.

While most headphones are geared towards music with serious bass  these new headphones will tone the bass down and be more country friendly.

Why did they even think to create these headphones?  The company realized that more peopkle are buying country albums rather than rock or rap albums in the U.S. by a crazy 150 percent in 2011. 

California Headphone's designer and co-founder David Adam said he realized what a big market this could be. "As big as country is, nobody has tapped that," he said. 

The headphones are priced at $100 and $200, but if it makes the music sound that much better, it may be worth it to many fans.

Music lovers will be able to pick up a set of the specialty headphones at California Headphone's website (no products are listed on the website currently).  

You can read more about California Headphone Company's new headphones at

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