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Wichita Girl Advances In American Idol Auditions

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Six-hundred hopefuls showed up at Wright Park in Dodge City, KS on Friday, August 24th to try out for American Idol producers.  And, a Wichita girl was first in line.

Megan Boldea, a 20-year-old singer from Wichita, drove to Dodge Thursday with her mom and grandmother. They got up early and arrived at Wright Park at 4:30 a.m. — Boldea got the first spot in line.

Megan told The Dodge City Globe newspaper she was originally going to sing a Beyonce' song but made a last-minute decision to go with Martina McBride's "A Broken Wing" instead.

Just minutes after performing first for the producers, Megan was wearing a wristband and was headed to the paperwork table on the other side of the bus, according to her report in the newspaper.  She also had photos taken and did a video.

That's likely all we are going to learn about Megan's experience.  She said she was given a warning not to tell anyone but immediate family about her success.  I guess she didn't think they would print all this in the paper.  Oops.

"They told me they'll send me an e-mail with the information about the next round of auditions," Boldea said, "I'm just taking it step by step," she said. "But I'm glad they get to see the talent out here in small towns."

Boldea graduated from Butler County Community College in May and is hoping to move to Nashville, where she'll stay with a cousin and maybe take some music classes.

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