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See A Bug That Looks Like A Poodle!! Strange!!!

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This is a moth that looks like a poodle. And, this is not a photoshopped creation. It's a real moth.

The "poodle moth" photo has captured the attention of experts who want to figure out exactly where this moth belongs on the tree of life. Cryptozoologist (that's a big word for a bug specialist, I guess) Karl Shuker found a similar picture of a white, fuzzy critter known as Diaphora mendica, but says this poodle moth is even more bizarre-looking. Bug man, Shuker would love to nail down the flying poodle's precise species name: "It could it even be a species still undescribed by science? Thousands of new insects are discovered every year in the South American rain forests, so it would be by no means unusual..." said Shuker on the ShukerNature blog.

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