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Iconic Singer's Dirty Underwear To Be Auctioned

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It seems that ANYTHING Elvis ever touched is a cherished item among his loyal fans. But, do you think used underwear will be a hot item?

Next month, an outfit called Omega Auctions will put a pair of the King’s old, and dirty, underwear on the auction block. The white tighties were worn by the king under his white jumpsuit in 1977. Omega Auctions describes the underwear this way, "The briefs were worn on stage in 1977 and are unwashed with some stains apparent." The used undies are expected to bring in between $11,000 and $14,000, if you can believe it.

Question: How did someone come to have Elvis' old dirty underwear? I guess Elvis never imagined that he had to worry about doing inventory when he sent his laundry out, huh?

By the way, the underwear will not be the only strange Elvis item going up for auction. You can also bid on a broken taillight from the car Elvis drove in the movie Blue Hawaii.

The biggest item during the auction, however, will be the King’s bible. The auction program describes the Bible as, "Elvis Presley’s most precious book throughout his life from Christmas 1957 to that final day on 16th August 1977. Elvis read and wrote in this his Holy Bible over many years, it is very well read, well used, well worn and fragile."

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