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Soak Your Pumpkin In This To Keep It Fresh

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Got an email from Brandi who has a boyfriend that carves his Halloween pumpkin on October 31st, and not a day before.  It's his family's tradition.

Brandi thinks that's weird.  Do you?  We put it to our listeners and found that pretty much everyone agreed that carving a pumpkin too far in advance is just wasting a good pumpkin.  It's going to look gross, wrinkled and moldy by Halloween if you carve it the week before, right?

Well, maybe not.  I found a website called "My Science Project" and it was a complete clinical examination of how you can preserve a carved pumpkin, with some interesting results.

I have heard about coating the pumpkin with vaseline, spraying it with various concoctions, etc.  But I had never heard of the one thing that worked the best in this science experiment. 

The pumpkin that stayed nicest, the longest was soaked in bleach!!!

Of course, I don't need any of this information.  At our house, we get out the same polystyrene pumpkin we have had for the past ten years and just plug it in. 

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