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VIDEO: What Boxes From Home Really Mean To Our Troops

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This Christmas, thousands and thousands and thousands of the best among us will spend the holidays away from the ones they love and the country they miss.

It's for them that we must put forth OUR best efforts.  To make sure that, in some way, each of them knows they are loved, supported and missed!  That's why we send the packages we do through our Christmas In A Box project. 

Last year, my son was at Bagram AFB in Afghanistan during Christmas. I asked him what it meant to get boxes from people back home.  He said it was just about the most important thing that folks can do for them.  Send pieces of home. 

Click on the video below to be directed to a video showing just exactly how important the boxes we send are to our troops.  I can't imagine that you wouldn't want to help in some way.

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