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Don't Say You Don't Have Time To Vote! Here's Why

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Did you know that your employer must make sure you have two hours to go vote?

Kansas is one of many states that has a law requiring all employers to give you the time off, outside of your normal meal or break time. Here are the rules:

In Kansas, all voters are to be given two consecutive hours of paid time off if Election Day polls aren’t open outside of the employee’s mandatory work shift. The employer can specify the time to be taken off but can’t require the employee to use a meal break for the time.

For most people, this doesn't really have an impact. Polls will be open 12 or 13 hours on Nov. 6, so most of us would have the required two consecutive hours of voting time available outside of our work hours.

But the law says, if there is not two consecutive hours where polls are open before or after work, then the employer would make up the difference. For example, you work 8am - 6pm and the polls are open 7am - 7pm. Your employer must allow you to come in an hour late or leave an hour early. If the polls open at 6am, then you would have the two hours before work to get your voting complete and your employer doesn't have to allow you any additional time off.

The law applies to hourly and salaried workers, union and nonunion, alike.




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