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Massive Fights Break Out Over Christmas Presents

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In a new survey, 50% of women said they have opened a gift that made them mad.  And, one in five men said they have gotten a gift that made them wonder what their significant other was thinking. That all lead to one in six couples getting into massive fights and one in twenty saying they have actually BROKEN UP over a bad present.

With all that on the line, here's what NOT to buy your significant other this Christmas. . . 

The Ten Gifts Men Should Never Buy For Women:
#1.) Underwear.
#2.) Toiletries and cosmetics.
#3.) Perfume, because men never quite pick the right scent.
#4.) Kitchen utensils.
#5.) Cheap jewelry.
#6.) Chocolates.
#7.) Shoes or slippers.
#8.) A vacuum cleaner.
#9.) Flowers.
#10.) Exercise clothes, a workout DVD, or anything that suggests she NEEDS to work out.

The Ten Gifts Women Should Never Buy For Men:
#1.) Clothes.
#2.) Gadgets, because women never quite get the exact thing a guy wants.
#3.) A man bag.
#4.) Stuffed animals.
#5.) Shoes.
#6.) Jewelry.
#7.) Chocolates.
#8.) A meal out.
#9.) Aftershave.
#10.) A framed photo of you

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