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Keep It Or Toss It? The Great Fridge Argument

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I get into arguments with my husband over how long things in the fridge are still good after they have been opened.  Well, sometimes, we argue over obviously "spoiled" food like the 5-week old cheese ball he is still eating on.  And, the bag of lettuce that has some pretty brown speciments inside that he will pick through and still eat.  Not me!  I am a 72-hour girl.  Pretty much I don't eat it if it's been in there for 3 days or longer.  Except those things that you pretty much assume you can keep a long time and still use safely.  Like ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce.  That kind of stuff.

Since it's National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Week to prepare some room for those Thanksgiving leftovers, I decided to get to the bottom of just how long you can keep things in the fridge before you have to throw them out.

I found a database at  They have lists and a searchable database. 

Just a note of surprise that you can keep an opened jar of jelly for a year but you are suppose to throw out opened BBQ Sauce after 4-months.  Who knew?


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