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Black Friday Becomes Black Thursday Night

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Black Friday is quickly turning into Black Thursday NIght.

This year even more retailers are opening on Thanksgiving night to get as much of our money as they can before we spend it somewhere else. 

I have some thoughts on this, both pro and con.


  1. Actually, there isn't a lot going on at our house Thanksgiving night and I might want to go walk off some of that meal.
  2. I hate the frantic nature of the shopping and the long lines on Black Friday so I never really go shopping that day.  It just makes me all nerved up and I don't enjoy myself. 


  1. I feel so sorry for all of the people who have to give up time with their family to work on Thanksgiving.
  2. I feel so sorry for all of the people who have to work retail over the holidays anyway and I just think it's cruel that their feet are going to start aching one day earlier than they really have to.
  3. We need to honor the meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday and stay out of stores until  12midnight Friday at the earliest. For my part, I will not go shopping Thursday night. Or at least  I will try not to.  I can't promise though.

BTW, here is a web page with the Black Friday flyers and deals:

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