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The Pope Is Messing With My Nativity Set. What He Says Must Go.

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The Pope has written a book about the birth of Christ and he is blowing up one of the most widely held beliefs about the night of the miracle.  

In his book, "Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives," the Pope says there were no animals in the manger.  What?  The Pope says that the manger scene should be without the sheep that are a part of the traditional modern day depiction.

Dang!  I paid extra for those animals when I bought my nativity scene.  Now I have to leave the sheep and donkey in the box.  Maybe I will put them elsewhere in the room.  Obviously, there were animals somewhere in Bethlehem that night.

So can I keep the Three Wisemen in the scene?  Maybe.....maybe not.

In his book, Pope Benedict concedes the Three Wisemen are most likely inspired by an idea rather than by a "historical event." 

I'll go ahead and leave them as a part of my Nativity setup. But I won't feel guilty if I accidently drop one and break it now.

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