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You May Be Blowing Your Nose Wrong!

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Are You Blowing Your Nose Wrong? You Might Be Making Yourself Sicker

Do you seem to be stuck with a PERMANENT COLD this winter? It could be because you're blowing your nose wrong. Yes, you can blow your nose wrong. Blowing one’s nose can create a lot of pressure, as much as ten times the pressure created by a cough or a sneeze. This pressure increase results in mucus not only being blown out of the nose, but back up into your sinuses as well.

Doctor's agree that when you blow BOTH nostrils into a Kleenex as hard as you can, you can shoot some of your mucus into your sinuses. And that can lead to a sinus infection.



The RIGHT way to blow your nose is to gently blow each nostril individually.

On average, adults blow their noses about 45 times a day during the first three days of a cold. With each nose blow propelling about a millimeter of germ-laden mucus back into your sinuses, that’s a lot of bacteria or viruses going the wrong way.

Rather than blow hard out of both nostrils at once, close one nostril by pressing your finger against one side of your nose, and blow gently out the open nostril. And drink extra fluids and use a decongestant spray. Decongestant sprays work about four to five times more effectively than decongestant tablets.

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