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Let Them Eat Dirt. Restaurant Sells Dirt Dinner For $110

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This brings new meaning to "eat my dust."

A restaurant in Tokyo is serving up a fancy meal with a key ingredient: dirt.  And this particular meal will set you back 10,000 yen or $110.

So how does a chef start using dirt as a main ingredient in food? The first course is a potato starch and dirt soup served in a shot glass rimmed with salt and topped with black truffle.

The second course was a salad with "vegetables like eggplant, tomato and turnips grilled and served with a dressing made from dirt .

The main course, “An aspic made with oriental clams and the top layer of sediment, and a dirt risotto with sauteed sea bass and burdock root.”

Dessert is none other than a dirt ice cream and dirt gratin followed by dirt mint tea that reportedly looked like muddy water.

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