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HUGE NEWS: Age Old Man-Woman Argument FINALLY settled

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 Here's an argument that every couple has had.  It's age-old.

"Where do you want to go eat?" man says.  "I don't care" woman replies. "How about (insert restaurant name here?" man asked, hopefully. "Uhm, no" woman says matter-of-factly. "Ok, what about (insert restaurant name here?" man asked, again hopeful. "No, not there." She says, smiling innocently. "Well, then YOU tell me where YOU want to go. I'll go anywhere.", man says with a big sigh.  "I don't care!" she says, frustrated.  Followed by the man melting down.  Hard feelings.  Cold shoulder from the woman.  Repeated weekly at our house. Well, I have exciting news.  We finally got to the bottom of that frustrating scenario over the weekend.  After having a little back and forth Brian and I discovered what I was really saying.   It's true, I REALLY don't care where we go, as long as it meets the following criteria:
  1. It's a popular restaurant, but when we get there it's not crowded
  2. The tables aren't too close together.
  3. It's not too cold.
  4. There's not a ceiling fan over our table.
  5. The staff is attentive, but not smothering.
  6. The food variety is good, and they always have something I want to eat at that moment.
  7. It's not expensive.
  8. There's a parking spot in front of the door.
  9. And they don't play loud music!
There, find THAT restaurant and I will go every time!!!!  

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