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Warning: No Dorothy & Toto In New OZ Movie.

Are They Messing With Our Beloved Wizard Of Oz?

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The Wizard Of Oz is important to us in Kansas, so I was interested in this new movie called "Oz, The Great And Powerful."  Were they gonna mess with the classic story? Rewrite it in any way? This all concerned me. I am very protective of Dorothy, Toto and the Munchins, of course.

I was relieved to find out that it's a pre-quel to the original movie.

This new movie tells the story of Oscar (James Franco), a magician who is hurled from Kansas to the Land Of Oz. As Dorothy was in 'The Wizard of Oz', Oscar is greeted by a kind and beautiful witch, Theodora (played by Mila Kunis), who is immediately spellbound by the possibility that he could very well be the great and wonderful wizard that an ancient prophecy had foretold. And, like Dorothy, Oscar is joined on his adventure by two unlikely companions – a flying monkey (Zach Braff) and an all-porcelain China Girl (Joey King). Along the way, there will be flying baboons, singing and dancing Munchkins, poisonous-scented poppy fields, and floating magic bubbles.

Thought I would throw up the trailer so you could get a sense of whether you want to go see it or not.

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