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Are My Pope Paper Dolls Valuable?

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At a yard sale in the early 90's I found something I had never seen before.  A book of Pope John Paul II paper dolls.  It was unused and I thought it was pretty cool, even though I am not Catholic. So I paid the 50-cents and took them home. 

I looked through it and was kind of amazed. There are 32 pages, 4 paper dolls, 19 costumes, plus accessories like the ordination robe and the miter.

Of course, I wasn't about to cut out any of the dolls and clothes.  I wanted to preserve the value of this treasure, which I was convinced would be worth a small fortune after Pope John Paul II passed away.

Sadly, Pope John Paul II passed away in 2005. I still have the paper dolls.   Uncut and preserved in prestine condition.  With a new Pope being elected this week, I was thinking of what the value of my Pope paper dolls might be.


I went on line and found that they are selling the same paper dolls on Amazon for $9.52 new and $3.50 used.  What????  Could it be that Pope paper dolls are not as valuable as I thought? 

No problem, I will put them back in the trunk and save them for my descendants, who can pull them out and see if they have increased in value down the road.


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