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A Sign We Will Win Saturday Night

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I am always looking for signs that we will win the game on Saturday night and go on to the NCAA National Championship.  Well, here is one.  We (Wichita) beat Louisville in a survey of the Worst Dressed Big Cities In America.

Wichita was #1.  Louisville was below us at #5.  There, take that. 

I don't really agree with how they came to the conclusion that Wichita was the worst dressed of all big cities in the country.  But, I am flattered that we are thought of as a "big city."  That's cool.


Here is a part of the blog:

Heidi Klum points out on each and every episode of "Project Runway": In fashion, one week you’re in and the next—you’re out. Being that some of us are a bit obsessed with the hit reality competition show here at the Movoto blog, we thought we’d take a crack at finding out which major American cities were never really in on the whole fashion thing to begin with.

There are some well-known bastions of fashion, such as New York and Los Angeles, and some areas such as Texas that are associated with certain styles—cowboy up!—but there really aren’t any widely accepted polar opposites of haute couture capitals. So, we realized it was up to us to crown 10 places where your chances of dressing to impress are sure to meet with less success. Here’s what we found out. 

The 10 Worst Dressed Big Cities in America: 

1. Wichita, KS

2. Colorado Springs, CO

3. El Paso, TX

4. Jacksonville, FL

5. Louisville, KY

6. Tulsa, OK

7. Albuquerque, NM

8. San Antonio, TX

9. Milwaukee, WI

10. Indianapolis, IN

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