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Early Video of Kree Harrison BEFORE American Idol

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I think Kree Harrison is amazing on American Idol.  I am pretty sure she will be on the final show.  Maybe up against Angie Miller, or possibly Candace Glover.  I predict Kree will win.

The show was suppose to be about plucking ordinary, but talented folks off the street and making them into stars. 

That's not actually how it goes.  Take Kree, for instance.  She has been working in Nashville for quite some time.  She is no "newbie" to the business for sure.

Put her name in a search on YouTube and videos of her performing way before American Idol pop up.  Do I care that she is a polished performer?  Not really.  I don't think I would have gotten to hear Kree if she hadn't made it on American Idol.  The music business is one mean street to navigate these days.

So enjoy Kree's early work.  

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