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Discovery's Naked TV Show Debuts This Sunday

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Naked TV is coming to the Discovery Channel. Will you watch naked people trying to survive under harsh conditions? Discovery TV is betting you will, starting with 'Naked Castaway' this Sunday, April 14th. The first "naked show" will follow a man named Ed, who was left naked and alone on a deserted island near Fiji. He takes no food, water, clothes, knife or tools. He was dropped with just his brains, his two hands and a camera. His job was to survive for 60 days. Apparently he did because the camera came back and they edited it into some shows.

The second show to feature naked folks will be 'Naked and Afraid,' airing in the summer. This show is even stranger. It will put two naked couples in two different locations where they have to survive for 60 days. Get this. They don't know each other until they meet for the first time, NAKED, after being dropped in the wilderness. The first couple, Kellie Nightlinger and Erroll James Snyder, were dropped in the wilderness in Tanzania on the Serengeti plains. A second couple, Alison Teal-Blehert Koehn and Jonathan Klay, were dropped in Panama.

Here is a warning. Be careful when you Google these two shows! I don't recommend you do it at work. I quickly had to exit out of the resulted links. Oops. This could get dicey.

Here is a sneak peak at one of the naked couples.....Kellie and Ed......

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