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Are You A Good Employee? Find out Here

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Administrative Professionals Day is Wednesday, 4/24/13. It started out as a day to appreciate secretaries but has grown into a day to appreciate those at work who provide the support services that make it possible to do business. The receptionist, the sales assistant, etc.  So, thought I would go look up something that might be helpful to anyone who is on the support staff at their workplace.

To make sure your boss thinks you’re awesome, here are 7 things you should do:

1) Do what you say, from showing up on time, to sending the email you promised to send, to completing the big project by the agreed-upon deadline – your boss will learn to see you as a go-to person.

2) Take responsibility, don't make excuses, even if the mistake was out of your control.

3) Make requests vs. complaints. A request says, "This is what I’d like to have happen instead." Complaints feel accusatory and whiny: childish.

4) Come with solutions. If requests are good, solutions are even better.

5) Manage your own growth. Rather than expecting your boss to hand you new opportunities, ask for what you want. 

6) Be a good team player. Most bosses notice how the people on their team get along.  The assumes that good team players are the "smart ones." 

7) Make your boss’ life easier. If you spend some time thinking about what you can do to support your boss’ success, and then offer to do it, you will automatically be a welcome change from the norm.

There, before too long you will be the boss and you’ll want exactly the same kind of employee.

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