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Sign To Put On Stuff You Don't Want Stolen

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Want to Stop Your Stuff From Getting Stolen? Print out a picture of someone's eyes, write "we are watching you" under the eyes and tape it up near what you don't want to be stolen.

Print A "We Are Watching You" Sign Here

A new study found that criminals get FREAKED OUT by a photo of eyes. They believe they're being watched and are much less likely to steal. That shows how DUMB and COWARDLY petty thieves really are.

For the study, researchers put a poster of a man's eyes above some bike racks on a college campus. The poster had the slogan, "We are watching you." There were 62% fewer thefts at that bike rack over the bike racks without the poster. The researchers say this works because it's human nature to, quote, "care what other people think about us, and as a result we behave better when we [think] we're being observed."

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