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Bacon Saved Her Life!!

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When really old people talk about their life, I think we should all listen.  Pearl Cantrell is one of those old people. She is 105-years-old.  This week, Pearl celebrated her 105th birthday with a three-day-long party. Cameras showed up and asked the age-old question, "How did you live so long?"  Pearl was happy to oblige with the answer.  Her secret to longevity, it turns out, is bacon. "I love bacon, I eat it everyday," Pearl told NBC affiliate KRBC.

There you have it!!!  Bacon!!!!  Not exercise, vitamins, eating vegetables.  It's Bacon.  Cool, but I do kind of wish she had said chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, personally.

So, Pearl got a big birthday present from Oscar Mayer when they found out about her love of bacon. They sent the Wienermobile to make a bacon delivery to Cantrell's home. Pearl got to ride around her Texas town in the Wienermobile. 

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