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Why My Purse Might Kill Me

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It hasn't killed me yet, but now I am worried that my purse is going to be the final thing that does me in. A new study confirms that our purses have more germs than an average toilet seat. And, I set my on my kitchen counter a lot of time. Gross! I am totally freaking out right now.

The disturbing news came out of a big "germ research project" done by the company Initial Washroom Hygiene, a hygiene and washroom services company. They swabbed handbags to find the dirtiest parts. Two in ten purses had high levels of bacteria-related contamination on the bottom, which could potentially cross-contaminate other surfaces. The items inside the purse didn't fair well either. Swabs revealed that hand lotion was the most-bacteria ridden item, followed by lipstick and mascara. And, where did all these germs come from? Sitting your purse on contaminated surfaces in public restrooms. And, the germs crawling all over your cell phone.

Oh, and one more thing, Leather handbags were the germiest, because the spongy material is a perfect breeding ground.

Now, let's discuss what you are suppose to do about all this germiness. The best suggestion they have is to never put your handbag on public restroom floors and, if you want to be really fanatical, use anti-bacterial wipes to clean the bottom of the bag and handles everyday.

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