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Do You "Trip Edit" on Facebook?

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 People are editing their vacation photos on Facebook  to make their vacation look like more fun than it actually was.  They are selecting the photos of the best experiences, some are actually starting to edit what they do on their vacations in order to get a more impressive status update.

In a way, living your travels in real time for an online audience is like producing your own reality show. And in this version, everything is glorious all the time.

Not only do travelers select the photos that put their trip in the best light, some say their decisions while traveling are influenced by what would get more "likes."

It's called "trip editing."  Is there anything wrong with doing this?  Nope.   Psychologist say it's ok to "trip edit" because it allows you to have a memory that is more fun than what actually happened.  Deep inside you know the real story, but you can fool your brain into not dwelling on it. 

Just for fun, though, we should all pledge to post at least one picture of a vacation activity that went south.  

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