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Are You Ready To "Prancercize?"

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Have you heard of "Prancercise?" It's a way of doing your walking exercise, while trying to look like a horse. I watched the video and I am not sure that I could do this with a straight face through my subdivision. You basically walk with a "springy, rhythmic gait" prancing around like a horse, hence the name.   

It was "invented" by Joanna Rohrback back in 1989, but it never caught on. Perhaps because she was so ahead of her time. She created an exercise video, but you couldn't follow along unless you had some sort of portable video device. But now the world is ready and Joanna is re-releasing her video. I am not sure the video will become a viral hit because of her exercise idea, but maybe more because she is really into "prancing" and does it with such flair.  Check out her video  and imagine yourself doing this down your street. 


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