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Most Productive Moment Of The Day Revealed

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It's official now, the most unproductive moment of the day is 2:55pm.

How did that time get the honor? A new survey asked workers what time of day they feel the least productive.   A lot of different answers were given, of course.  But, when you average them all together it comes to 2:55 P.M.  That's about halfway between lunch and quitting time. I don't know if that in anyway explains why that particular time is least productive.  It's just food for thought.

If there is a least productive time of the day, there must be a MOST productive time of the day.  Yes, there is.  It's 10:26am.  I am guessing that's when the coffee finally kicks in.  I would have thought the most productive time would be about 15 minutes before you get off work.  That's when you have to make sure you got things covered before walking out the door. 

Now, a confession.  I sometimes lose track of time at work. Anyone else ever have that problem?  I will have no idea what time it is and just keep working till the job gets done, however long that takes.  And, no, I am not just saying that in case the boss is reading this.  LOL


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