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Trendy Handbag Comes From Hardware Store

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This is a big fashion surprise.  The new "it" designer handbag is a $2.99 Home Depot reusable tote. Yes, really.

The signature orange tote bags from the big-box store has been popping up on Instagram and in hipster party photos in New York City.

How many have you thrown out without even thinking about it?  I did find out that the $2.99 bag is sold out but Home Depot has a smaller tote still available for 99 cents, if you really want one.

Maybe you could accessorize it with their snazzy 97-cent painter's cap. LOL.

So, where there's a trend there is an opportunity to cash-in. I saw on eBay over 100 of the orange totes are for sale.  One had a bid of $41!  Whoa.  Not sure I want one THAT bad.


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