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Ewwww.....who would eat this hamburger?

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On the creepiness scale, meat grown in a test-tube hovers somewhere near the top. Would you eat invitro meat?  Me either (I assume you would be as grossed out as I am.) Nonetheless, a group of dedicated scientists plan to unveil the first lab grown hamburger, created from bits of test-tube grown muscle tissue, in London this week. 

An unnamed celebrity has agreed to be the first person to take a bite out of the world's first synthetic hamburger. Wonder who that is?  I think probably someone down on the "D" list who needs some exposure.
By the way, growing meat in a lab is quite pricey.  It cost about $325,000 to grow enough for this one hamburger, donated by an anonymous person.  Probably not the same person as the anonymous celebrity, but you never know. 
Now, why make lab grown meat? Scientists figure test tube meat may end up being cheaper than the conventionally produced stuff--you don’t have to feed and care for a whole cow, you just need to deal with the pieces that people want to eat. And, they say this new-fangled meat will be on store shelves in the next decade. 
First though, we are going to have to get over our squeamishness.

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