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What Caused This 15-Ton Grease Ball?

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A sewage worker in London discovered a 15-ton ball grease ball.  That is the size of a bus.  The first sign of trouble came when residents reported difficulty flushing their toilets. Or loo, as they call it across the pond.  
The worker found what he called a “fatberg” of solidified grease and wet wipes.  I don't mean to totally gross you out, but the sewage team said it was "steaming and it unleashes an unimaginable stink."  Eww.  
Wet wipes are the main culprit in making the giant "fatberg" possible. I flush wet wipes all the time. Guess I might want to stop that huh?  
In light of the giant "fatberg" I looked up some tips for keeping drains clear and I found out some things I didn't know:
• Garbage disposals do not break down animal fats, vegetable oil, lard, grease, butter and margarine.  They stick to food scraps and dairy products all contribute to blocked drains, “fatbergs” and sewer blockages. 
• Wet wipes do not break down easily and lead to blockages.
• Avoid putting nail polish, motor oil, chlorine bleach, paints, coffee grounds, paper towels or egg shells, or anything that breaks down slowly, down the toilet or sink.

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