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No Bug Spray? No Problem. Some Homemade Remedies

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Bug repellant spray is in short supply on store shelves.  In Salina, they are reporting some stores are completely out.  So, we threw it out to you guys.  What homemade bug repellant recipe do you have?  Here's what we got back:

  • Dryer sheets - just stick them in your pocket or under your hat.
  • Listerine or mouth wash - put it in a spray bottle and spray on areas around you, not directly on yourself. The misquitoes don't like alcohol.
  • Lemons and Limes - two ways to use these.  You can  cut them in half and set them in a bowl near where you are.  You can also cut them in half and rub the juice on your ankles and wrists (although that sounds sticky to me.)
  • Vanilla extract - kind of like the lemons and limes, you can put it in a bowl next to you or put it on yourself.  Behind the ears, on the wrists and the ankles are good spots.  Plus, you will smell pretty good too.


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