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What Possibly Could Have Happened To These People?

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A 1969 Camaro and a 1950s Chevy were pulled from a lake. They had been submerged in 12 feet of water for 40 years, sitting side by side, at the bottom of Foss Lake in Custer County, Okla. Inside divers found the remains of six people. Three in the camaro and three in the Chevy.

It makes you think what could have happened that those two cars ended up side by side, under what must have been similar circumstances. Did someone kill the occupants and sink the cars? Did they just both drive into the lake by accident? It's a big mystery.

The Custer County sheriff suspects the bodies in the Camaro are Jimmy Allen Williams, Leah Gail Johnson and Thomas Michael Rios who vanished on Nov. 20, 1970, after driving off in Williams’ Camaro heading for a football game. They vanished. Stories of the missing teens hung over their hometown of Sayre, Okla., ever since they disappeared.Kim Carmichael said she was a friend of Williams. “I just remember how devastated everybody was," Carmichael told News 9. "We lived in a little town. ... Nothing like that ever happened in Sayre."

One of the bodies in the 1950s Chevrolet could be Debbie McManamman's grandfather, Alvi Porter, who disappeared 44 years ago. She was 13 at the time her grandpa disappeared and she remembers that he drove a green Chevy. “I remember that green car, yes,” McManamman told KFOR-TV. “It’s sad. I mean, I can still see his tall, lanky body walking up to the car.”

Police found the by accident as troopers from the highway patrol were testing sonar equipment as they scanned the lake bottom.

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