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What Cookies Say About You

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 It's National Cookie Month -- There's more to eating a cookie than you might think.  Psychologists have discovered that your favorite cookie reveals a lot about you.   Find your favorite cookie below and see what it says about you:

Chocolate Chip
You're a traditional person who treasures your values. You take a low-key approach to life. 

Vanilla Wafers
You can solve complex problems with no trouble.  You love to give advice to others. 

Oreo Sandwich Cookies
You're a creative person with a vivid imagination. A born storyteller, you're often the center of attention at parties.  

Fig Newtons
Quiet and reserved, you always have your "ducks in a row." You are one organized person at home and on the job. 

Sugar Cookies
You have diverse interests. It's never a dull time when you are around, but you aren't easy to get a long with.  Just ask your spouse.  

You know how to make others feel loved. Your family and friends are your priority.  

You are a hopeless romantic with a colorful imagination.  Your partner is one lucky person!  

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