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Great Christmas Survey results. #2 was a BIG Surprise.

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We learn some things about how we celebrate Christmas after a big survey just completed.  

Does any of this surprise you?  I think #2 was the biggest revelation.

Here are the top 7 highlights of the Great Christmas Survey: 

1.  It would take the average parents $1,400 to buy everything on their kid’s Christmas list.

2.  The average person will lose about three pounds preparing for Christmas . . . but will gain about six pounds by the end of the year.

3.  3% of Americans who celebrate Christmas won’t be exchanging gifts.

4.  95% of Americans celebrate Christmas . . . but only 62% of Americans will go to church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

5.  62% of people say they’ll read your whole long Christmas letter, 24% will at least skim it . . . and 14% apparently don’t care what your family has accomplished this year.

6.  The majority of people say hosting Christmas is more stressful than going to the dentist.

7.  And finally, 6% of people say they’d rather be alone in a desert than at home with their family on Christmas.

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