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What our world will be like in 2050

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Forum for the Future founder Jonathon Porritt is predicting what our world will be like in 2050.  I thought his predictions were pretty interesting.  And, it wasn't as bleak as I thought it might be.

Here's what he says we have in store:
  • There will be no more U.S. paper currency. Everything will be done electronically. We will have local currency, such as Wichita Bucks. 
  • A 27-hour work week where overtime is strictly banned. 
  • Shared transportation, where most people belong to car clubs. 
  • Less waste. In fact, he says just about everything will be recycled in some way. Everything we currently chuck away will be the feedstock for another industry.
  • Healthier people who live a lot longer. Porritt foresees ways to monitor everything happening in and around our bodies.  He predicts an end to obesity and diabetes.  

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