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What do you think of "Normal Barbie?"

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There is Malibu Barbie in the bikini,  Holiday Barbie in the blinged out dress, there's Veternarian Barbie.  But until now there has never been a "Normal Barbie."  If Barbie were truly reflecting what our figures are today, she would look more like this:

This is a doll artist Nickolay Lamm designed and built to show that “average” is beautiful. The project started last year, when Lamm, a Pittsburgh-based artist, designed images of what he called "Normal Barbie" in an attempt to make the doll reflective of real bodies.

He used the measurements of an average 19-year-old woman from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and then molded them to a 3D model of Barbie.

Compared with the original Barbie doll, the changes are drastic: Lamm’s doll is shorter and has more realistic proportions. Her feet are flat, not permanently built to fit into high heels.

Lamm has now launched a crowdfunding site to produce 5,000 “Lammily” dolls, which will feature average proportions, a light amount of makeup, and joints that bend.

You can buy the doll with a $20 donation.  He’s attempting to raise $95,000 to produce the dolls, but says it’s worth it. “If there’s even a 10% chance that those dolls affect [body image], let’s make it.”


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