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Woman lists husband for sale online

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Something unusual is being sold on the website "Have You Seen The Ring."  Usually, people visit the website to sell or buy used engagement rings.  But in this case, the woman posting is trying to sell her soon-to-be ex-husband.  

The headline read "Philandering Husband – 165 total LBs."  The listing below says he lacks in personal hygiene, self-control, and endowment (if you know what I mean.) The jilted wife goes on to say "the only thing less satisfying than spending a night with him is spending a marriage with him. As such, I’ll be willing to cut any potential buyers a generous deal so long as it means I never have to see this dirt-bag again unless it’s on an episode of “To Catch A Predator.”  

Whoever purchases him will be treated to extravagant promises of exotic adventures, only to end up spending a three-day weekend in Hoboken as a joint honeymoon/first anniversary ...
The "Buy it Now Price" is $9.99
See the listing HERE

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