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Hey, your face is on my toast! New "selfie toaster" hits market

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Now you can take your selfie obsession to a whole new level with the all new *selfie toaster.* 

The Vermont Novelty Toaster's "selfie toaster" will burn a photo of you into every piece of toast it pops out. 

Here's how it works. First, you have to buy the specially designed toaster, which costs $75. Then you'll take a selfie, send it to the company, and they'll send you a plate that fits inside the toaster that will burn your picture onto the bread.
The same company will sell you a metal plate with just about any saying or photo (I am sure copyright infringement would be an issue if the photo isn't yours.)  
So, I immediately think of other ways to use the toaster.  Companies could give them away with their logo.  I wouldn't mind eating a Ford logo or a photo of a soda can on my toast if I got this thing for free.  
But until my advertising gimmick takes off, you can explore getting your Selfie Toaster at the company's website.

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