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Kellie Michaels Day To Day

My purse is killing me, literally. Tell me what I can take out of it!

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We have all heard the warning that a woman's purse is a germy mess because we sit it down in bathrooms and on floors.  But not there is another way that our purses may be killing us.

On average a purse weighs 7 pounds.  And now comes word that those highly-fashionable oversized handbags could be slowly killing us girls. "Pressure on the joints can lead to inflammation or muscle, tendon or ligament damage. This could lead to long-term problems," says Dr. Rosemary Leonard. 

It's time to clean out your purse.  Here is what is in mine today and I don't think I can get rid of anything in it:
1. Two wallets.  One large, one small 
2. Mobile Phone 
3. mini make up case 
4. coupons in an envelope
5. HairbrushFold-up umbrella 
6. mirror 
7. Keys 
8. Headache pills
9. Hand cream
10. small can of hairspray
11. phone charger with cords
12. Plastic container of gum
13.  Sunglasses in a case

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