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It's legal to walk around naked in Kansas

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There's a man walking around in Topeka totally naked and police say he is not breaking any law. (See video above or click HERE.)

That has some folks more than upset.  Topeka resident Natasha Shamblin says she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw this man.  "I realized he was butt naked!" she says.  She tells WIBW Channel 13 News in Topeka, "The fact that kids could be outside playing, or in their classrooms, he walked past schools, past churches. It's really really disturbing and makes me wonder how many people are going to catch wind of this and think its okay to do that."

So, how does he get away with it?  As it turns out, public nudity is not against state law in Kansas. Police say in these rare situations, the judgement calls are made by officers as to whether there is any intent involved.  "Unless someone is exposing themselves or a sexual organ to gratify or arouse someone other than themselves, it's really not anything against the law," Sheriff Herman Jones, Shawnee County, said. 


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