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  • Who needs parents - new Smart Pajamas read kids bedtime stories

    When I first heard of "smart pajamas" I was kind of like, that sounds stupid. But I have been educated. Smart Pajamas are really cool. The world's first and only interactive pajamas for kids use a series of dots that your smart phone or tablet can translate into a fun bedtime story.

  • Easiest Christmas dessert EVER - for the cooking impaired

    This is the classic. I’ve seen variations adding a variety of flavorings or a little sugar to the whipped cream and fresh fruit or candies as a topping. So get creative. In the refrigerator overnight, the wafers, moistened by the whipped cream, become cakey in consistency.

  • Elf On A Shelf Gone Wild!

    Tradition says that the Elf On A Shelf moves around every day and kids need to find him (or her) each day. And, of course, Elf is always watching over kids to report back to Santa.

  • Have a "Want, Need, Wear, Read" Christmas

    It's time to simplify Christmas! There is a book called "Christmas Is Not Your Birthday." The message of the book is to do Christmas the way Jesus would want you to. Author Pastor Mike Slaughter writes about his book, "Every year, you say you’re going to cut back, simplify, and have a family Christmas that focuses on the real reason for the season—Jesus. But every year, the store flyers, the children pleading for toys, the overspending, overeating, and materialism rob you of the peace and joy of the season and rob Jesus of his rightful role as the center of your celebration."

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