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Kellie Michaels Day To Day

Fun, cool, interesting, thought provoking, sometimes just stuff you need to know. I will post videos, stories, photos and thoughts here. Thanks for checking in.

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  • Most Dramatic Video You Will Ever Watch

    This is probably the most dramatic video you will ever watch. This is a couple in Washington, IL whose home was hit by the tornado from Sunday, November 17th. The husband thinks he will be able to video tape the storm. He quickly realizes the gravity of the situation. He keeps the video rolling through the entire thing. (Mobile users click here to watch video)

  • How To Say It "Kansas" Style - The rest of the country just doesn't get it

    Midwesterners say it our own way....and the west and east coasters just don't get it. Here are some midwestern expressions from the "flyover states":

  • Video: Bunny Kicks Horses' Butts

    So, there was a horse race....and a bunny rabbit won! Talk about million to one odds! The rabbit/horse race was at Victoria Park in Australia. As the horses head down the stretch the rabbit turns on its jets and pulls away from the horses and their jockeys. Too bad nobody bet on a rabbit to win the horse race. Wonder what that would have paid? On the video you can see the rabbit at the 2:25 mark. (mobile users click here for video)

  • The first word in FREEDOM is FREE, so we offer our Veterans Free Meals

    Since the first word in FREEDOM is FREE, it's fitting that many businesses thank veterans and active military members by offering them FREE stuff on Veterans Day. Mostly food, but one business is giving out free haircuts.

  • As Not Seen On TV at The CMA's

    Last night’s 47th Annual Country Music Association Awards had a little something for everyone. There were also some big moments behind the scenes that you didn’t see on the broadcast.

  • Can an "Halloween honor bowl" really work? Watch the video evidence.

    is it possible for an "honor bowl" to work on Halloween night? Hmmm.....let's see.

  • Long Lost Star Wars Blooper Reel Found

    A long lost blooper reel from the original "Star Wars" movie has been found but it might not be around long, so enjoy it while you can.

  • How Baby Kittens Can Help You Get Ahead At Work

    If you have ever gotten heck from the boss for watching videos on the computer at work, show this to him/her.

  • Babies Laughing Hysterically At Dogs

  • How To Be A Ceiling Fan For Halloween! Cute Ideas

    Check out these last minute halloween costumes.

  • Chiefs Set Record For Largest Flyover. Watch This!

  • Brad Paisley's Tuesday Night Football Theme - FUNNY

    Brad Paisley debuted a "Tuesday Night Football" theme song on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Once again, Brad comes up with something that makes us all laugh. Enjoy it. (Mobile users click here.)

  • What Cookies Say About You

    It's National Cookie Month -- There's more to eating a cookie than you might think. Psychologists have discovered that your favorite cookie reveals a lot about you. Find your favorite cookie below and see what it says about you:

  • This Guy Needs A Reality Show For Sure

    We had the chance to talk to country artist Tyler Farr this week. What a character. I LOVE this guy!!! Tyler is on the charts with "Redneck Crazy" and just released his album by the same name this week. Didn't know what to expect when we talked to him, but now I think he might be the most fun interview in a long time. He really should get a reality tv show. Listen to what he says about that in the full interview here.

  • This Will Melt Your Heart - Dog Refuses To Give Up On Little Boy

    "Himalaya" may be the world's most gentle dog. A viral video shows the canine refusing to give up on a toddler who doesn't want to play. It will absolutely melt your heart. The little boy in the video is Hernán, from Buenos Aires. Hernán has Down Syndrome, which, according to comments posted by his mom Ana, causes him to shy away from physical contact. But Himalaya is persistent and gentle, and Hernán ends up giving her what looks like a hug around the 3:12 mark. Watch this and you will smile all day.

  • Letter That Will Touch Your Heart

    The Kansas Honor Flights for World War II Veterans are winding down. After years of working to identify living WWII Veterans in Kansas and raising enough money, the Honor Flights will fly two more WWII Veteran flights this year to the National Memorial in Washington, DC. and that should take care of everyone on the waiting list. What an accomplishment. The last two Kansas Honor Flights for WWII Veterans will happen in October. There will be flights next year, but those will be taking Korean vets to their memorial in Washington, DC.

  • Things That Annoy Crazy Redneck Tyler Farr

    Tyler Farr sent this video to the Brian & Kellie show. It's cute.....((Mobile App Users, Click Here)

  • Minister Melts Down At Wedding Because Of Photog

    In this video, a wedding photographer is going about his business, snapping away getting shots of the couple behind the alter, when the minister suddenly stops the ceremony and gets into a verbal altercation with the photog.

  • What Possibly Could Have Happened To These People?

    A 1969 Camaro and a 1950s Chevy were pulled from a lake. They had been submerged in 12 feet of water for 40 years, sitting side by side, at the bottom of Foss Lake in Custer County, Okla. Inside divers found the remains of six people. Three in the camaro and three in the Chevy.


    Whatever you do, DO NOT Google Lilly Collins. Just don't do it. It's like when someone tells you not to push that button, and you can't help yourself. But, I am warning you. McAfee just revealed Lilly Collins tops their annual list of the Web's most dangerous celebrities. These deadly celebs may not threaten you personally, but if you click the wrong link while searching their names, you could risk drive-by downloads, phishing attempts, and scareware.

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