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Kellie Michaels Day To Day

Fun, cool, interesting, thought provoking, sometimes just stuff you need to know. I will post videos, stories, photos and thoughts here. Thanks for checking in.

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  • I Want Hannah Montana Back After Watching This!

    I remember during our Christmas Crusade in past years little girl after little girl would ask for Hannah Montana stuff. Bedspreads, notebooks, dolls, etc. Hannah Montana was who every little girl wanted to be. I sure hope those same little girls aren't following "Hannah" now. Miley Cyrus has shed the Hannah persona and has turned some kind of weird corner.

  • Truck Decal Being Called "Just Sick." What Do You Think?

    A Waco, Texas sign company, wanting to drum up business for their truck decals, got more than they bargained for when they created a truck tailgate decal showing a bound and gagged woman. The decal shows a blonde woman in jeans curled up on the bed of a pickup truck, her hair obscuring her face and her hands and feet tied with rope. It's meant to be slapped on a truck's tailgate, creating an optical illusion of an actual woman lying in distress. As a Waco tv station reports, the general public starting calling 911 when the decal was placed on one fo the company's trucks and driven around town. There has been a public outcry that the decal is disgusting. But the owner of Hornet Signs it's done wonders for their business. There has been an uptick in decal orders. However, one survivor of abuse calls it "just sick." Stephanie Henry says, "I'm a huge defender of free speech. But to use an image like this to try and sell more vehicle wraps is outrageous and wrong. It makes me ill to learn that it's actually bringing this company new business." YouTube: Shocking Tailgate Decal Of Woman Bondage Stirs Up Angry Police Calls in Waco

  • Man Catches Video Of Himself Being Hit By Lightning

    You know the saying, you can be hit by lightning if you don't go out in the storm. And, you can't prove it unless you are video taping it on your iPhone. Here's video of a guy being hit by lightning:

  • New Diet Takes Off - The Boredom Diet

    There’s a new diet floating around that promises you can lose weight by eating nothing but MACARONI AND CHEESE. But there’s a major downside. Afterwards, you may NEVER want mac and cheese again.

  • Let Me Teach You How To "Twerk"

    "Twerk" is now an official word. Probably in part thanks to Miley Cyrus' performance on the MTV VMA. Oxford Dictionaries online added to it to our vocabulary.

  • What Do You Have You Aren't Using - Give It To Fire Victims

    70 People are out of a home after the fire this week at the Ashley Lane Apartments and several groups are trying to help them get their lives back in order. Look around your house and see what you might have that you can donate. I found a chair, a nightstand, a lamp and some clothes. I bet if I had more time I could find more. But give what you can.

  • Volunteer To Help WWII Veterans Get On Honor Flight Plane

    Volunteers are needed to help World War II Veterans onto the plane for HONOR FLIGHT # 8 September 4th at Mid-Continent Airport.

  • Audition Video: Celebrities Try Out To Sing Sunday Night Football Theme

    Carrie Underwood got the job, but she wasn't the only celebrity who auditioned to sing the theme to Sunday Night Football. Watch the video of other celebrities trying out for the gig. Pretty funny.

  • Volunteers Needed For Next Honor Flight

    The next group of World War II Veterans will fly from Wichita to Washington DC September 4 through 6th.

  • No Bug Spray? No Problem. Some Homemade Remedies

    Bug repellant spray is in short supply on store shelves. In Salina, they are reporting some stores are completely out. So, we threw it out to you guys. What homemade bug repellant recipe do you have? Here's what we got back:

  • Rascal Flatts Sings "Joe Don Likes Doritos"

    Backstage Friday night at the Rascal Flatts concert the guys did a little "mini" concert and question/answer time with some fans. One girl asked Joe Don if he liked Doritos. The answer is "yes", which prompted Jay to write an impromptu song about it. I caught it on video.

  • What Caused This 15-Ton Grease Ball?

  • How To Pick A Winning Lottery Ticket

  • Ewwww.....who would eat this hamburger?

  • My favorite Candy Crush Saga Cheat

  • Whaaa? That Town Cryer Dude Was A Fake!!!

  • 20 Things That Make Girls Feel Good

    A survey of 2,000 women asked them what little things make them feel good about themselves and give them a burst of confidence. Here are the results . . . 1. Getting a compliment from a friend. 2. Just styled hair. 3. Taking a good photo. 4. Having perfectly smooth legs. 5. Getting a good night’s sleep. 6. Cuddling. 7. Being told, “I love you.” 8. Coming back from vacation with a tan. 9. Being smiled at by a stranger. 10. Wearing new underwear. 11. Being told, “You look young.” 12. Being asked where you bought something. 13. Getting dressed up. 14. A child saying you’re pretty. 15. Waking up without any blemishes. 16. Wearing clothes that show off their assets. 17. Getting your eyebrows waxed. 18. Being asked to go out with friends. 19. Getting a manicure. 20. Wearing makeup.

  • "Cake MIddleton" Is Life Size Cake Of Princess

  • Wonder Dog Sets World Scooter Record

    Norman The Wonder Dog, a 3-year-old French sheepdog, has set a Guinness World Record for riding a scooter 98 feet unassisted. Norman lives in Canton Georgia with his human, Karen Cobb. She says he also puts his own doggie bowl in the dishwasher and knows how to ride a bike too. What tricks does your dog do?

  • Trendy Handbag Comes From Hardware Store

    This is a big fashion surprise. The new "it" designer handbag is a $2.99 Home Depot reusable tote. Yes, really.

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