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    Tony Brueski's Food & Wine Podcast Episode 1

    In this episode: We talk about the new M&M's colors that are on the way. Tell you how to make the best peanut brittle ever! Try to figure out if there really are healthy holiday food options. And more!

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    Bacon Shaving Cream - Yes, It is Real

    Is bacon shaving cream real? Yes... Yes it is. All too real. It's also quite nice... if you are in to bacon.

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    Champagne Cashew Peanut Brittle Recipe

    One of my favorite home-made candies is Peanut Brittle! However, far too often home-made peanut brittle tastes more like peanut flavored shards of glass.

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    America's Mental Health Crisis

    We need to remove the negative stereotypes put on those who seek out mental help, and find more effective ways to get help for those who can't afford it or do not it know exists.

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    What Happens When We Over Eat?

    What happens when we over eat, or "binge eat" as some may call it? It's not a pretty picture. We put our bodies into over drive in an attempt to get rid of all the extra food that we should have left on the table. Watch the video and keep this in mind when going for seconds, thirds or seventh at the Holiday buffet this year!

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    How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

    Don't want to pack on the extra pounds this holiday season??? Here are some tips on what you can do... or not do... and keep the scale where it is through Jan 1st.

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    The Armageddon Burger from Slater's 50/50

    Have a death wish? Want to enjoy the last few days before the Mayan calendar ends? Then this is the burger for you!

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    My Favorite Potato Boat Recipe

    Potato boats! When made right, they are delicious and hard to stop eating. Here is my recipe for great potato boats!

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    How To Make Spiced Nuts

    One of the most popular "finger foods" is spiced nuts. In this video I'll show you how to make spiced nuts for your next holiday gathering.

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    Holiday Meatballs For Everyone!

    Tis the season for holiday meatballs! Nearly every holiday get together is sure to include two things: someone who drank too much and meatballs!

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    Tony Brueski's Crawfish Stuffing Recipe

    I've been making crawfish stuffing now for about 5 years and love it more every time! Watch this video to learn the recipe for yourself.

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    How To Safely Thaw A Turkey Last Minute

    You forgot to thaw it! Now what? How do you safely thaw a turkey at the last minute? Watch this video to find out!

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    How To Host Thanksgiving

    How do you host a Thanksgiving for your friends and family that will be looked back on for years to come as a "grand celebration" and not a complete and utter disaster?

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    Should You Put Stuffing Inside The Turkey?

    If you put the stuffing in and cook it to a safe temp, (internally 145F for more than 30 min), the rest of your bird will be over cooked. If you don't get the center of the bird that hot, you will end up with unsafe stuffing.

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    Watch The Guy Fieri Restaurant Review Over-Dramatic Reading

    And you thought you had a bad meal! Judging by the Guy Fieri restaurant review of his new eatery "Guy's American Kitchen & Bar" located in New York Cities Times Square, even your bad meal would be good!

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    Thanksgiving Turkey Alternative: Barbecue Honey Badger

    If you would like to try something new and delicious as a thanksgiving turkey alternative, let me suggest barbecue Honey Badger! They can be difficult to catch, but if you get your hands on one and are able to take it out before it takes you out - you are in for a sweet meaty treat!

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    The Best Holiday Cocktails!

    Lets face it, the in-laws or third cousins that make cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation look like a "smart and balanced" individual can be more than a hand full. So what are the best holiday cocktails to help you through the onslaught of "family time"? Here are some of my picks:

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    Should You Put Stuffing In A Turkey?

    Your risk of salmonella, worms or other countless debilitating or deadly diseases dramatically rises. Yet another reason why the answer is no to: Is it safe to put stuffing in a turkey.

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    The Safe Way To Deep Fry A Turkey

    It can be an incredibly dangerous task if done improperly. So before we jump into a guide on how to deep fry your turkey, lets discuss how not to deep fry your turkey.

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    Real Ghost Stories

    Whatever your belief system is, you have to admit there's something special about hearing a good ghost story. Especially a ghost story told by someone who is sharing their own personal account of and experience.

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