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  • Crazy Good Sandwiches at Nancy's!

    If its delicious and sometimes "odd" sandwiches you crave. Then Nancy's AMaizen Sandwiches is a place that you will love. This little diner can be found about 1 mile out of Wichita on the main strip in Maize... Hence A-MAIZE-N. I've been here several time now and continue to find new favorites.

  • Tony Likes His Chicken Spicy

    "George Likes His Chicken Spicy" is the line that always comes to mind whenever I visit this Wichita Restaurant. Thai Tradition was one of the first "go to" places that I visited on an almost weekly sometimes daily basis when I first moved to town six years ago.

  • Stearman Field in Benton

    A hidden gem just outside of Wichita, Kansas in Benton is Stearman Field (formerly the Benton Airport). Stearman Field is home to a one of a kind bar and grill as well as a fully functional airport with planes landing feet from your dining table at any given time of the day or night.

  • VIDEO: Tony does some "Nekked" BBQ with Bubba

    Tony Brueski explores what "Nekked BBQ" is all about with Bubba himself!

  • Major Retailers iPad Price Problem

    It all goes back to "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is". That's the lesson that many people had to learn after they saw the crazy deal of $69 iPads on a major retailers website. Should they have to go back and honor it, or should everyone just get over it and understand that mistakes do happen?

  • What I made for the Potluck at KFDI

    We had a potluck at KFDI for the 4th. Here is what I made.

  • Cool Limestone Bridges in Butler County

    Over the weekend we wandered around the area taking pics of some cool old limestone bridges off back country roads. Thought you may like to see the pics!

  • "Windows" Alerts Symphony

    Who would have thought Windows alerts could sound so good?

  • Shaniah's Response to her Fall

  • Tony Cooks Caramel Apple Pasta

  • Brueski's Favorite BBQ Sauce

    My wife begs me to make this recipe, (more than we should if we'd like to stay in good health.)

  • My Favorite BBQ Rib Recipe

    This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE rib recipe!

  • Grilled Meatballs!

    The other night my friend Nate invited me over for dinner. Whenever we get together we both cook. The unspoken rule is: Whatever we cook, has to be something we've never made before. Its a great way to learn new things and try new recipes.

  • Pizza On The Grill Recipe

    Here is another great way to use the grill over the holiday weekend! Grilled Pizza! Be sure to use A LOT of olive oil on your dough though!!!! You will love the flavor the grill gives to pizza!

  • What a KFDI Listener Saw in Joplin

    Here is a list of some non-profit agencies and ways you can respond to Sunday's disaster: By Text Message --Sending "REDCROSS" via text message to 90999 will charge $10 to your next cell phone bill to distribute to the American Red Cross --Sending "Joplin" via text message to 864833 will charge $10 to your next cell phone bill to distribute to the Heart of Missouri United Way ----Sending "JOPLIN" via text message to 80888 will charge $10 to your next cell phone bill to distribute to The Salvation Army (You will need to reply "yes" when asked.)

  • What The Inside of a Tornado is Like

    This is video taken from inside a building when the Joplin Tornado hit.

  • Amityville Horror House for Sale

    My question to you... Would you buy this house IF it were in your price range and you were shopping in the area? What if it was an AMAZINGLY low price? Comment what you would do on the KFDI facebook page.

  • Joyland Today - Creepy Video

    Joyland Today - Creepy Video

    This is a video that was recently taken of Joyland and its current state. Looks more like the setting for a horror movie than an amusement park.

  • Have some Rachel Ray tea then call 911.

    Merry Christmas Honey! Here is the Rachel Ray tea kettle you wanted... Go ahead make that Chai Green, I'll be out front calling 911... Check out the recall info:

  • Cruise Ship + Big Waves = Open Bar?

    We apologize for the massive wave situation today folks... but to make it up, were going to give you all free Tom Collin's at the bar... If you are able to walk.

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