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Tony Likes His Chicken Spicy

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"George Likes His Chicken Spicy" is the line that always comes to mind whenever I visit this Wichita Restaurant. Thai Tradition was one of the first "go to" places that I visited on an almost weekly sometimes daily basis when I first moved to town six years ago. I have a deep love and appreciation for all the complex flavors and combinations that authentic Thai food brings to the palette, and Thai Tradition comes through as one of the best Thai Restaurants I've ever been to.
The food is consistently good. I've never had a bad meal there. One of my favorite appetizers that is only on the lunch menu but can be made if you request it at dinner is the "poor mans beef". Its thin shreds of beef flash fried and then picked up with sticky rice and dipped in a spicy soy mixture. Its finger food at its finest. My wife and me will at times place two orders of it because its just "That good!".

My favorite dish on the menu is the Pad Prik King. Its a spicy dish made up of fresh green beans tossed in spicy Thai Chili paste with peppers, meat and kaffir lime leaves. The lime leaves give the dish an ever so slight sweetness that compliments the spice of the dish like the devil standing around with a Super Soaker in hell. If you like spicy, its a great dish. It can also be made very mild, but the best experience in my opinion is the "Thai Hot" route.
At lunch your dish is served with their home made sweet and sour soup. Some of the best in the city. Its not your typical "Asian Buffet" variety from a can. Its made fresh daily and amazing.
One of my other favorite dishes are the curries. At lunch you can add a cup of the thick, hot, spiced liquid of the gods for a small amount more - It is always worth it. My curry of choice is the Red Curry. If you're in search of a great spot for lunch or dinner, with more than a little spice (upon request) - Thai Tradition off of Carriage Parkway is one of my favorite places to eat.

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