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Crazy Good Sandwiches at Nancy's!

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If its delicious and sometimes "odd" sandwiches you crave. Then Nancy's AMaizen Sandwiches is a place that you will love. This little diner can be found about 1 mile out of Wichita on the main strip in Maize... Hence A-MAIZE-N. I've been here several time now and continue to find new favorites.

One that I keep going back to is a sandwich that combines the likes of freshly sliced turkey, bacon, mayo, jalapeno and grape jelly on a soft bun. It sounds very strange... almost to the point of being "A-Mazi-N after bar food, which I'm sure it is... However - I've only eaten it stone cold sober and thoroughly enjoyed it! It's a must have when you stop in. Among other things that are made fresh are the baked beans. Now I must warn you, your spouse or whom ever you share a bed with may not appreciate the look of pure pleasure on your face as you consume these little gems of goodness... especially 2-3 hours later. But they are well worth it.

Nancy's AMaizen Sandwiches is one of those Wichita Restaurant's that proves you cant judge a book by its cover. From the outside, it looks like your average small town diner. Its when you get inside and take a look at the menu that you discover just what a unique experience you've stepped into.

That experience is complete when you get a chance to try the food. It's great stuff that will keep you going back for seconds.

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