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"Pig Wings" at When Pigs Fly BBQ

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I'm always on the lookout for something unique and new. When I heard about another BBQ joint in Wichita, quite honestly I wasn't in a big rush to get there. I'm sure the food was good, but there is certainly no shortage of BBQ shops around town. Then I was told about a unique offering from "When Pigs Fly". They had something I had only read about in fairy-tales and horror novels. "Pig Wings". Where could they have possibly found such a beast? Furthermore... Why was this animal not preserved rather than being another victim to Bar-B-Que? Turns out, just like the Buffalo. Its not a real wing. However it does not come from a chicken. Its basically a pork shank the size of a chicken wing that is slow cooked till its fall-off-the-bone delicious. 

What you get with a "Pig Wing" is a flavor combination of ham/pulled pork. It has a richness to it above pulled pork with a texture that is reminiscent of it, all on a finger licking good bone. They are slightly smaller than a drumstick and slightly larger than a chicken wing. Making 3-4 of them the perfect size for a meal. If you're looking for a different "cut" of meat on your next BBQ binge. I suggest trying a "Pig Wing".

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