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Palmers Grill Review

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I didn't know what to expect when walking through the doors of Palmer's Grill just off of K96 near the east Menard's. Palmer's is in the old Wichita Restaurant location of Fritz Grill Co. which had been standing empty for several years. The decor of Palmer's hasn't changed much since Fritz closed its doors - but you would only know that if you had dined there years ago. Everything looks very clean and new.

One of the first things I noticed about Palmer's was the prices. Everything was very affordable. Almost "Lunch Menu" prices for a dinner menu. The food choices are that of a typical grill. Burgers, sandwiches, some pastas and a few full plate entree options like steak and chicken. What sets it apart from the other "Chain" Bar & Grills in the area is the fact that it is a local eatery and everything is made fresh almost daily. This makes the quality of the food better than that of most chains, and surprisingly lower priced.

In the back of this Wichita Restaurant is a bar and more seating. The bar area over looks a small pond that flows towards the old Johnny Carinos, a patio also lines the outside wall with more seating.

We tried the "chicken fingers", they were hand breaded and very tasty. Not the typical flash frozen type of most chains or the "chicken flavored sponge" texture of some other Wichita Restaurants. They are chicken fingers that a grown up could enjoy.

I also had a bowl of their Tortilla Chicken soup. It was good, but very rich. You could almost double it as cheese dip and you may be hard pressed to know the difference. This isn't a bad thing, just very rich. I would take this made from scratch soup over most other Wichita Restaurants in their league any day.

The french dip was the entre that I settled on. It came on a fresh roll and a cup of au jus for dipping. It was sliced very nicely with no excess fat and cooked perfectly with cheese melting out the sides. For around 7 dollars, it was a very good buy. The food at Palmer's was very good for the price and has made my list of places to return to for a tasty meal with-out a huge price tag.

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